One of my Favorite  non- descripts  .
Whatever happened out  There ,   making the Drop was satisfying ...
 Hawaiian ,  No  I.D.  


SURFER Magazine Staff Photographer , Craig Fineman

Another  great photographer from those  Years .

Craig is leaning on the case for the Century 1000mm lens . That lens produced a compressed / graphic look that fit  North Shore  performance  surfing .

This was before sunscreen .   We all got scorched from shooting  Days  On  End  .


Photogs : North Shore

Different Vision , and one we all liked .
 This is Jeff Hornbaker who showed us some fresh perspectives .

Hornbaker's  watershots and telephotos  are vital to the history of those years  .

Higher Plane

Planing  Out the Pipeline after the tube .  No I. D.